Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Protect yourself against today's (and future) PDF zero-days

3 months after the previous PDF zero-day in June 4, and 3 weeks after various critical security fixes, Adobe advices of a new zero-day exploit that's actively being exploited. "Zero-day" means that even if you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (9.3.4), there's sites out there that can hack you. A lot of users are affected (86% of Chrome users for example have the Adobe Reader plugin).

"Adobe recommends that users follow security best practices by keeping their anti-malware software and definitions up to date." Brian Krebs, however, points out that only 1/4 of the virus scanners catch this. My recommendations for viewing PDF files:
  1. [do this firstDisable the Adobe Reader plugin from your browser
  2. You'll still be able to view PDF files! When you encounter a PDF file that you trust it's safe to view, you can do the following: